A Coffee with Marc

The way we met was quite unexpected. Actually I was basically a stalker. My former boss had told me about Marc Alvarez when I said I was moving here, so I follow him on Instagram. Once I saw a picture of him flying to London, I gave him a bar hint to go. And that was it, all the contact we had, until last week.

I was sipping a Negroni at a bar when I realized that if I wanted some things to happen I would have to make them happen. So I texted him again on Instagram and asked if he would be interested in having an informal chat with me. Surprisingly he said yes, and we agreed on having a morning coffee.


I picked him up at Enigma and we walked to a coffee place he usually goes called Cuba de Janeiro. Thank god he is a talker, so I didn’t struggle whatsoever to get to know him. So we ordered our drinks, and he started talking about how Enigma is and what is it exactly. For those who don’t know, Enigma is one of the six restaurants owned by Albert Adriá, one of the most well-known Chefs in Barcelona. If you still haven’t got a clue of what I’m talking about, give it a quick Google, he is a big boy around here, and almost around everywhere.

Back to Enigma, what the hell is that? So basically is a restaurant that, what I understood, is to blow your mind away. Secret code to get in, several rooms you go through until the end where the bar is (and each room has a name, a concept and an outstanding architecture), and of course an amazing crew behind it all.

So Marc is part of this crew, actually, a big part of it. He is just not only responsible for all the company’s bars but also is part of the staff at Enigma, at least for now. He creates everything, makes research travels and reports it all back to Albert.

The thing is we didn’t just talk about this restaurant. We talked about Heart, the Ibiza project from the company that just now, on its third year, is opening its big wings and flying. We also discussed about Trip Advisor and how people taking pictures of their food could end up destroying everybody else’s first impressions on the dishes.

Putting that aside, the main part was talking about creativity (at least my favourite part). How does he create such innovative drinks? Where does the inspiration come from? Well, those questions weren’t exactly answered. Why? Because they didn’t need to. He comes from a humble family where things had to be done, where if you don’t ask you don’t get. He started working in hospitality very early and even though that wasn’t his main graduation (he graduated on Biology), he dedicated to it, and like always, with a little bit of luck and a lot of dedication, he caught Albert’s attention.

He had a massive challenge ahead of him, but that didn’t stopped him on going far and getting him to be the recognized bartender that he is today.

There is just one thing though, and this goes straight to you Marc. You still owe me a drink, remember?