Maybe, maybe not.

On January we decided we were going to move to Barcelona. Not only that, but we would try and work with the best. We sent CVs to everyone we could, and then this dream company answered back showing interest in us. Until then we were feeling high up in the sky.

We had a couple of skype interviews we were in. Everything was set. There was only one problem, it wasn’t the positions we wanted, neither the restaurant we wanted from the company group. At first we both said yes for the fact that once you are in, you are in.

Arriving in Barcelona we had one day to get the documents done and the day after we started working. Everything went very well and quick. I was going to be a part-time runner and Matt would be a help cook. We signed for it.

First day and problems already started. I was barely introduced to everyone and they put me to clean all the dining room. Until then it was fine, I know what a runner has to do. But little by little I started asking myself if I would really be up to doing that, for that pay, to maybe get transferred to the bar(the place I had originally applied). The thing is, everything had to be done with extreme dedication, and don’t get me wrong, everywhere I worked I dedicated myself. But maybe this time it wouldn’t be worth it. And it wasn’t.

By the fourth day we were both destroyed. We were both asking ourselves why we took a slaving, disrespectful and exhausting job.
It all came down to the fifth day. That day I realized that even with a part-time pay, I had done a fifteen hour shift (reaching 56 hours that week), at two o’clock in the morning we were still cleaning down and waiting on a staff meeting to resume the day. And the climax of the night was an extended meeting until four o’clock with the most clarifying speech I could have ever heard.

It was a speech made by the Head Chef. It started with – If you don’t see yourselves on this journey with us, you should leave. We are at a moment where we want the second Michelin Star. It would be insane not to want it. We are working hard every day to get to that point. If you are here just to pay your bills, you might as well go search for another job. If you are here and you don’t aim to be a head- waiter, or a Chef de Partie within the years, you should go. We have no time to waste on people that doesn’t want what we want. And that is the second Michelin Star right now.

It was all I needed to hear. On that day I arrived home at five in the morning. On that very day I wrote my resignation letter saying I couldn’t go through with all that bullshit (obviously I didn’t write it like that). Basically, I would work my ass off as a runner, to maybe get to be a waitress, to maybe be able to request a transfer to the bar, maybe. For me that was a lot of maybes just to maybe get to work side by side with the bartender I wanted to, maybe three years from then.

That’s just not my style. I decided to leave everything and maybe I’ll get there running from the other side.